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Inspired by true events, six actresses embark on the journey of making their own movie with hilarious results.  A multicultural comedy that is full of hot girls, hot cars, and Bollywood dancing.

Melt On This is a production under Rated Art LLC. Rated Art is a creative umbrella to provide a safe environment in order to bring IMAGINATION to reality.




Desi Del Toro, the lady behind the creative power of Rated Art, LLC.  She came up with this venue in order to bring to life many ideas that would not otherwise have a place to be fruitful. Desi looks forward to creating a successful Feature Film in collaboration with many wonderfully talented actors from around the world. She also cannot wait to become a partner and connect as many local and global businesses as possible.


When we stand together for a great
cause, such as making our dreams come true, we can all benefit. When we find a mutually beneficial partnership and create a win-win situation everyone involved is a winner. Sharing the success and labor that goes into a great creation can bring many an accomplishment to enjoy and celebrate.

My name is Dori, I am from a small country in Central Europe. Growing up in Hungary with a rich historical and cultural heritage is definitely created the person I am today. I moved to Florida after I graduated High School and studied Economy. I have always
been a hard-working individual but never been excited about any profession.

I had an idea of trying myself in modeling and I joined a model and acting curriculum with an agency and realized I love everything about acting. Creating characters from scratch and adding your own personality to it requires a type of creativeness I never knew I had in me.  I constantly learn and gain more experience in this industry and met with incredible and highly talented professionals during my journey.

My very first appearance was in an independent short film ‘Resurgence in the Realm of Death and Bourbon’ which made it to the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival in 2019. I also performed in a few student films in Sarasota with Ringling College and finally landed my very first lead role in the upcoming feature film ‘Melt on This’. I am very grateful to be cast in this wonderful production. It will show the real struggle and decisions we make in our everyday life to pursue our dreams of becoming successful actors/actresses, and you will also learn a lot of what it takes to create a feature film in a comedic way.


Jenny Small is an actress and model born in central Pennsylvania who moved to Miami to pursue career opportunities.

Since moving to Miami in 2017, she has done modeling, lifestyle and wellness shoots, and has worked on Univision and Telemundo. Jenny has
also worked on Lifetime, as well as several short films.

Jenny is excited about working on
the feature film Melt On This because it’s a collaboration of talented, genuine people whose common goal is working together and celebrating everyone’s unique talent.

Hello everyone! it's a pleasure to introduce you Kelley Sadlowski:

"I grew up in Tampa, where I still reside with my husband and two children. I began modeling and acting at six years old. As I grew up, I moved on from what seemed to be a hobby, and I focused on school and having fun in college. While I did not continue on the path of being talent, I did concentrate my interests in the entertainment industry - specifically in publicity.

After summer internships at Focus Features and Lizzie Grubman PR in New York City, I did from the University of Florida with a degree in public relations.I soon moved to Los Angeles to work at BNC PR, where I learned a great deal about the business side of filmmaking.

While I absolutely loved my time spent in LA, I proved to be a bit of a homebody and moved home to Tampa after about a year.  Back in Tampa, I moved around in a variety of jobs until finally in 2015, I decided to focus on raising my two kids. It took until 2019 that my children both expressed a desire to act and model.

I figured giving it a go as well! All three of us have taken numerous acting courses and workshops and signed with an agent in late 2019. I have already been so fortunate with booking work in my “second act,” but my real excitement is in this newest and biggest project as a lead in the feature-length film “Melt On This.”  “Melt On This” is a collaboration of so many great minds and features a fantastically diverse all-female lead cast. Every person involved in the making of this film is doing it for the same reason - an absolute love and passion for filmmaking, either as talent, cinematography, production, etc. I feel incredibly blessed that we have all made it this far, and so look forward to working with this amazing group of people.“


Hey Everyone is a pleasure to introduce you Sherelle:

“I’ve always been a creative”! My name is Sherrelle I was born in Delaware and I always
wanted to be an actress. I was introduced to acting early in middle school doing theater
and realized I love being able to live in my imagination and explore my creativity.

Unsure of a career I went to school for computer science and worked countless once jobs & hospitality.


Feeling unfulfilled I decided to try the modeling world and soon found out I was a natural!
I loved being in front of the camera making magic. Along with modeling i picked up skills
with wardrobe styling, making costumes, learning the beauty industry, and diving into marketing.

As a creative jack of all trades, I was lead back to my desire of acting and landed a lead role in
the upcoming feature film “Melt on This” My dream role would definitely be a sexy action-packed flipping around fight sequence straight out of a Charlie’s Angels film. I know this movie will showcase my diversity with Drama, Action, and Comedy.


Stay tuned because this is still the beginning!

Natalia Cruz is an Actress, Journalist, and former News Anchor, affiliated to Univision Network, and the highly rated show Primer Impacto.  


A three-time Emmy Award winner, Cruz was also news anchor for other channels like Telemundo 47 and MegaTV, besides hosting the Real Estate TV show "Esta Es Tu Casa".  Being a News Personality in New York and following her eternal passion for acting, she was featured as Guest Actress on the International Soap Opera "Ladrón de Corazones" 


In 2010 Cruz moved to Miami to continue her career as Anchor/Reporter in Univision, the largest Hispanic network in the USA.  In 2016 she was featured as a guest actress in the web series "Entre Cielo y Tierra".  


End of 2019 she decided to pursue a full-time career in acting and played the lead role in the Short Film "Perfect Mom". Finally, in 2020 she landed one of the lead roles in her first Feature Film "Melt on This".


We are very honored to present to you the Melt on This Writer, the creative mind behind our Feature Film Naraesh Adurty.

Naresh Adurty is an Indian-America comedian who crash-landed in Oklahoma in his 20s. And in 1997, he started a long winding journey into the world of comedy.  Along the way, he has been on many TV and radio shows including HBO. He has won comedy competitions and performed at some of the prestigious comedy festivals including the Boston Comedy Festival and New Orleans Comedy Festival.

He regularly headlines comedy clubs and colleges across the country. He also teaches a stand-up comedy class.  He had the privilege of sharing the stage with some of his favorite comedians including Dave Chappelle, Mitch
Hedberg, Ron White, Pablo Francisco and Paul Mooney.